How to Change Your Relationship with Food – Fatloss Journey

Dieters who maintain long-term weight loss have had to come to terms with the role that food plays in their daily lives. Our body gains how we eat and what we eat. We gain weight if we don’t decide the food we eat, either is it healthy for our body or not. Only when they were able to put food back into its proper place were they able to not only lose the excess pounds but also resume a normal lifestyle.

“The whole issue of food was taking up too much of time. There were more days than we care to count when We would wake up thinking of food, praying to God to keep us away from the frig(refrigerator). Because whenever we feel hungry we always look at what’s in the fridge(refrigerator). I was unable to work, to think, even to move. Previously, I had been able to quit smoking and overcome a prescription drug dependency. This was harder because obviously, I couldn’t eliminate food from my life.”

So we need to overcome things which we like in food. You can follow one day cheat meal plan and other days proper diet and healthy food to reduce fats and gain more muscles to your body.

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