Xiaomi Mi AirPOP PM-2.5 Anti Pollution mask Started in India priced for Rs.249


The antipollution mask is currently available exclusively on Xiaomi’s home internet site Mi.com and it has been coming in india at Rs. 249. Xiaomi has promised that the Anti Pollution mask provides 99 percent PM-2.5 particle security using a four-layer filtration procedure.

The mask receives a non-metallic cloth and 3d finished design and based to Xiaomi, provides a cozy fit

The Mi AirPOP PM-2.5 antipollution Mask was coming in at Rs. 249 that really is a package using 2 bits. The antipollution mask can be found to get only throughout the Mi.com site. Xiaomi has said that the mask supplies 99 percent PM-2.5 protection.

The key outer coating is always to block large particles, also Xiaomi in addition has inserted an electrostatic microfiltration coating to block particles out of 0.3 micrometres from diameters .There’s also present an service net which delivers a 3D structure into the mask. The final layer can be a water-permeable coating that reduces vapour buildup in the surface area.

The 3D arrangement of this mask additionally receives a huge vortex value so there was constant venting throughout the mask also reduces eye-glass build-up, cable visor fogging up, and also distinctive creases that allow smooth folding of this mask.

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