WhatsApp Update – Text Forwards Limits to Five Recipients Globally


To Fight Fake News – Whatsapp released new update with limiting the text forward up to five recipients globally.

Previously, this update was released only for india but now it is been updated globally to fight against to Fake News

“We are imposing a limitation of five messages all around the world by now,” Victoria Grand, vice president for communications and policy in whats app, according to Monday in a meeting in the capital.

Formerly, a whats app user can forwards a note into 20 groups or individuals. Even the five-recipient limit expands internationally a step whats app placed in to place in India in July after the spread of rumours contributed to many killings in the nation.

Face-book Inc’s whats app messenger agency is internationally limiting the range of times each user may forward a note to five, at an attempt to struggle”misinformation and rumours”, company executives said on Monday.


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