Christmas Season In India

The Nativity scene represents the birth of Jesus. © Jurica

Christmas , the birth anniversary of Lord Jesus Christ, is celebrated in india with great fervour all over india by the christians and also other people also get innvolved in celebrating christmas.

People decorate their houses, erect christmas trees, make cribs with figure of baby jesus, Mother Mary , Joseph , the threee kings who come to visit the baby and shepard boys and their herds grazing around, depicting the scenes of jesus birth in the bible. They decorate the christmas tree, hang stars, gifts and illuminate them.

On the Christmas day, people enjoy a sumptuous Christmas lunch. Christmas cakes and wines are served to visitors and gifts given to friend and relatives. Christmas celebrations vary in different parts of India . In some parts, small clay oil burning lamps, mango and banana trees are decorated. All the major Indian cities wear a festive look. shops and bazaars are decorated for the occassion and offer attractive prices.

Carol singing, get together and the exchanging of gifts enhance the Christmas spirit. Christmas parties go on for atleast a week, retaining the festive mood to celebrate the new year. On 25th December Christians all over the world celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, the founder of Christianity.

This is the most important and merriest festival of the Christians. Other communities in India also look upon it as a festival of Goodwill and Greetings.

During the British period it was celebrated on an all over India basis. from the Christmas evening i.e on the evening of 24th December public holidays for two days were declared. Thus the festival concluded with welcoming of the New Year.

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Childrens and youngsters looked forward to Christmas holidays when they enjoyed themselves to their heart’s content . It was also during the British period that the Christmas missionaries penetrated to the interior of India even to the tribal regions, resulting in the number of people who were converted to christian faith rendering the Christians becoming the third most important community in India.

After India acheived independence, this festival lost much of its importance, yet the traditional celebration of it continues specially in Metropolitian cities of Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai, where Christians as well as Non-Christians celebrate it on quite grand scale.


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