Diet plays an important role to keep your body healthy. Eating a diet which is rich in fruit and vegetables is certain to benefit people suffering from kidney disease. people face a variety of problems from eating an unproper food or with a poor diet, which will give increase to cardiovascular disease and increased inflammation.
Let’s take a look at six healthy foods that can form part of a kidney-friendly diet:
Here are some healthy foods that can form part of a kidney-friendly diet :
1) Garlic – Garlic has huge benefits, people consuming a garlic can help you to overcome inflammation, lowering cholesterol and preventing the build-up of plaque on teeth.
So how we can use garlic in foods?
i) you can use garlic in vegetables
ii) garlic can be used to prepare various meals like pasta, soups, sandwich, etc, chicken, omelet,
iii)garlic can be used with cloves,ginger.pepper and with a variety of mixtures to create a perfect food or vegetable sabji
so it is a kidney-friendly diet.
cabbage is one of the healthy vegetables which has huge benefits, Cabbage is also an excellent source of fiber, folate, vitamin B6, manganese, (vitamin B1), pyridoxine (vitamin B6), and pantothenic acid and (vitamin B5). it means you get huge numbers of minerals & vitamins to your body with cabbage. Cabbage is one of the many cruciferous vegetables and rich in the chemical compound called phytochemicals which is also known to help fight off free radical damage. Cabbage is a great choice of the low potassium content and high fiber with vitamin c and vitamin k content.
how cabbage can be prepared?
it can be prepared by boiling, steaming or using the microwave.
i)cabbage sabji
ii)cabbage paratha
iii) Manchurian (cabbage is used to prepare Manchurian)
v)Chinese food like rice, noodles, triple rice etc (all foods contains cabbage)
so it is a kidney-friendly diet.
Red Peppers
Red peppers are low in potassium and a great source of fiber, folic acid, vitamin A and vitamin C. Red peppers contain high lycopene content which is a type of antioxidant and has a huge benefits.
How to use Red Pepper?
Red pepper can be used to any of your diet food or snack or vegetables, appetizer, chicken, or salad.
vegetables of sabji prepared by red pepper gives you spicy rich flavor to your it is a kidney-friendly diet.
one cauliflower contains 77 percent of the recommended daily value of vitamin C. so people who are lacking with vitamin c should consume cauliflower. It’s also a very good source of vitamin K, protein, thiamin, magnesium, folate, riboflavin, niacin, phosphorus, fiber, vitamin B6,  pantothenic acid, potassium, and manganese.cauliflower compounds like thiocyanates, glucosinolates and indoles help to neutralizing toxic substance from the liver.
how cauliflower can be prepared?
i)A vegetable sabji can be prepared with cauliflower
ii)pav bhaji can be prepared with cauliflower
iii)cauliflower with green peas and potatoes sabji taste awesome.
so it is a kidney-friendly diet.
A line ‘Apple a day keeps your doctors away’ a perfect line to keep you healthy. Apple is rich in antioxidant property. Apples are very much beneficial to health wise and high in anti-inflammatory compounds and fiber. Apple is known to help lower the risk of heart disease, also prevent constipation and reduce your cholesterol level.
How is Apple consumed?
It is a versatile fruit, you can consume apple raw or by preparing dishes or juices, however, you feel like. you have pretty much options to create dishes or foods with Apple.
so it is a kidney-friendly diet.
Blueberries provide you with a good amount of fiber, vitamin c, potassium, folate, vitamin b6 and manganese to the body. Blueberries are rich in natural compounds that can help to control issues with inflammation. The phytonutrient content in blueberries supports heart health. The absence of cholesterol from blueberries is also beneficial to the heart. The fiber content in blueberries helps to reduce the total amount of cholesterol in the blood and decrease the risk of heart disease.
You can consume blueberries anyhow you want, the best way is to consume blueberry is?
i)In Salad
ii)In Fruit salad
iii)In ice cream
iv)In juice
so it is a kidney-friendly diet.


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